Concerts For Our Own, LLC
What we do and who we are.

Concerts For Our Own, LLC

Purveyors of Southern-based concerts, events, and festivals.

 We have over 40 years of combined experience doing concerts, events and festivals in and around the region. The Concerts For Our Own series is designed specifically to work with our local not-for-profits. It's our way of giving back to the community.

 Over the years, we've been involved in some of the region's largest events and attractions, from the Jr. Olympic Games to the Basketball Hall of Fame, from Rockin' the Docks to Boomsday, and from Music Feeds to Coffee & Teas .

We can even help with your next event. Whether you need collaboration on an existing event or help creating a new one, we can help. We also help plan revenue-generating, merchandise  assortments, sponsorship proposals, or planning your next concert.

Chief Happiness Officer


 Aaron Snukals
[email protected]

Marketing & Retail

Weekend Volunteer

Robin Hamilton
[email protected]