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Concerts For Our Own, a multi-concert series, provides an opportunity for local, regional and national not-for-profit organizations and businesses to showcase their causes and raise money for their organizations.

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CFOO Launches an Exciting 2024 Season

Charities, Concerts, and Sponsors Revealed

Tuesday marked a milestone event for Concerts For Our Own as we unveiled the eagerly awaited lineup for our 2024 season. At the helm, Aaron Snukals captivated the audience with announcements that set the stage for an unforgettable year of music and philanthropy.

The press conference shone a light on our cherished partnerships with this year’s chosen charities. Representatives from each organization took the stage to share their inspiring missions and express their heartfelt thanks for the support they will receive from CFOO and our community. Their stories underscored the profound impact these concerts will have beyond the stage.

In a show of gratitude that echoed throughout the venue, Aaron also highlighted our 2024 Sponsors, whose generous contributions make our series possible. To give a taste of the excitement to come, vibrant videos of the upcoming concert performances were played, building anticipation for what's sure to be a series of blockbuster events.

Get ready to be part of the magic—tickets for the entire concert series is on sale now on.  This is your chance to experience the power of music and to be part of something bigger, as every ticket sold supports incredible causes that make a difference in our community.

Stay tuned, and prepare to secure your spot in the heart of Knoxville's most meaningful musical gatherings of the year!

Tonight Alive Dynamo eindhoven


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Concerts For Our Own is a dedicated purveyor of Southern-based concerts, events, and festivals with a mission to unite music and philanthropy. With a history of successful partnerships with charitable organizations, Concerts For Our Own is committed to creating memorable experiences while making a positive impact in the community.

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